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X-Ray your SAP system

Emily Kucukalic Tuesday, January 16, 2018 Blog
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Imagine if you were able to look inside your SAP system, in much the same way Radiologists can look inside a human body, using technologies such as X-Ray, CT scans and MRI.

With this ability to look into the complex human system, diagnosis needs no longer rely on external observation, measurement and deduction.

A lot of us use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to tell us when our SAP system is and is not behaving. When things go wrong, we imagine possible causes and proceed to shine a light on areas that experience tells us may be causing the problem.

A Process Mining product like Celonis takes Process Specific X-Rays of your SAP system and shines a light on ALL aspects of that business process. Instead of using KPIs and inferring from these the possible process issues, the X-Ray will show the actual health of your process – warts and all!

With Celonis, you can now hold up your Visio or ARIS ‘best practice’ process models and compare them against an x-ray of the actual system practice, showing areas of compliance and areas of non-compliance. I guarantee the results will surprise, if not alarm you!

Just like its medical equivalent, the Process X-Ray will provide actionable evidence of the health of your business process. Now, isn’t that something worth knowing?

At PLAUT we have been running Process X-Rays across a number of key SAP processes, such as Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Plan to Produce and Travel Expense Management. If you have business processes you would like to X-Ray, please contact PLAUT here.

Henry Fernandez

Henry is the Plaut Advisory Services lead and has been doing SAP stuff for close to 30 years. He is currently exploring a range of interesting technology developments and can sometimes be found in Plaut’s Sydney Innovation Hub.

Click here to get in touch with Henry.

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