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We welcome Michael Pepper to Plaut

Terri Reeves Wednesday, April 12, 2017 Blog
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We are pleased to welcome Michael Pepper to Plaut. Michael Joins us in the capacity of SAP BPC Consultant in our Sydney office. We wanted to get to know Michael a little better, so we had a quick chat with him to find out more;

Q: Why did you decide to work with Plaut?

I considered many SAP specialisation companies when looking for a job in Sydney but Plaut stood out to me. A problem I often encounter being a SAP Consultant is that you either have to fend for yourself or work for a large consultancy firm which is primarily concerned about profits and less about investing in the growth of their employees. From what I have seen, Plaut values it’s employees and fosters growth to ensure that their employees are constantly developing and improving. Plaut is a company with a great culture and amazing people. I see myself growing from strength to strength with the company.

 Q: You are a keen rower, Rowing is a precision team sport.  What three things has rowing as a student helped you in your professional career: 

  • Rowing is all about teamwork, dedication and as mentioned precision. The whole system will collapse if one person is lacking in any one of these areas. Essentially, you are only as strong as your weakest team member.
  •  You and your team members also all have a common goal in rowing which everyone works towards together. You cannot waiver your determination until that goal is complete.
  •  I feel that the teamwork aspect of rowing, developing each other so that everyone has something to offer and working towards a common goal with the same commitment and dedication goes hand in hand with having a successful professional career.

 Q:  What are you looking forward to most about working in Australia for an Australian organisation?

The Australian culture of work hard, play hard… that includes a beer of course.

We look forward to having Michael as part of the team.

One Response to "We welcome Michael Pepper to Plaut"

  1. Ali Mclean says:

    Congrats Mike! They deserve you as much as you deserve Plaut. Dont forget the amazing team member you were in the cycking world too. Congrats.

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