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Turbo charge your transactions

Terri Reeves Wednesday, May 17, 2017 Blog

Struggling with running long transactions and frustrated with a slow month end?

You don’t want to spend $ on extra hardware…and you can’t afford to wait for S4 Hana …

Then we have a solution to speed things up for you!

So why does SAP deliver slow running transactions?

The strength of SAP is that they can cater for all company’s requirements. However, this creates a potential dilemma! In making Transactions and Programs generic enough for 50,000 companies to use, it’s impossible for them to optimise the performance. What will run quickly in one customer’s environment may die a horrible death in another environment due to data volume, hardware differences, missing indexes and different design approaches just to name a few.

Just throwing more resources at the problem may not be the answer.

Although the Infinite Monkey Theorem suggests enough monkeys can write Shakespeare, the empirical truth is rather different.

At Plaut, we have developed software based optimisers for some of the most problematic transactions in SAP. In one case study, we took half a day out of the month end run time with just 1 program optimiser.

These optimisers are available for transactions such as Collective Order Settlement (KO8G), Projects/WBS Settlement (CJ8G), Order Revaluation (KON2), Projects/WBS Revaluation (CJN2), Overhead Calculation (CJ45) and (KGI4) and Results Analysis (KKAJ) and (KKAI). In fact, the techniques we have developed can be applied to most long-running transactions in SAP!!

Want to Find out more?

Simply click here and tell us the transaction that’s causing you the biggest headache.

By Geoff Armstrong, Solution Lead – BI & Analytics

Geoff joined Plaut in 2001 and has deployed SAP BI and Costing solutions in some of  Australia’s most sophisticated implementations in both the private and public sectors. Click here to contact Geoff.

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