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Think Process Mining. Think Geoff.

Emily Kucukalic Friday, March 23, 2018 Blog

The Plaut team are among the brightest minds of Australia’s SAP Systems workforce, implementing the best solutions for our customers. Plaut are the Lighthouse partner for SAP S/4HANA Cloud and are the first to implement this solution in Australia.

Geoff Armstrong – Process Excellence & Analytics Advisory Lead

In keeping Plaut ahead of the game, we recently partnered with Celonis to deliver world-class process mining systems to Australian businesses. Geoff Armstrong is the brains behind our SAP BI and one of our resident certified Celonis Process Mining Scientists. When Geoff isn’t putting his Italian to use abroad in Europe, he can be found delivering some seriously good outcomes with the finest BI and Process Mining implementations for both the private and public sectors.

Get in touch with Geoff if you think Process Mining is for you, or if your next European adventure needs a little guidance.

Think Process Mining. Think Geoff. Think.

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