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Our services cover the full range of the SAP product suite, on cloud and on premise. This capability enables our team to design and deploy the best possible end to end solutions for our customers. Maximum business benefit derives from leveraging these cross functional capabilities of SAP.

Enabling your business to;

  • Increase efficiency across your organisation by standardising SAP best practices
  • Gain timely insights through embedded analytics and reporting
  • Access business functionality and analytics anywhere, anytime, from a broad range of mobile devices
  • Leverage corporate resources to your subsidiaries with standard, supported, integration
  • Highly secure data centres that are managed, monitored, and maintained by SAP experts
  • Focus on your business, not IT, with up to date software managed, monitored and maintained by SAP and partners

Business Analytics

The information you need already exists - The task is to capture and organise, so you can extract value

Think Phase

Plaut has seen many organisations struggling with their planning and/or reporting processes. Often these processes are affiliated with long cycle times, low accountability and compromised data validity. Often, clients think that these issues will be solved through implementing a software solution. Whilst this is often a part of the solution, at Plaut, we think the root causes should be tackled first.

Plaut addresses these issues in a structured way. Through a series of interactive workshops, we will work together to find a better overall process that works for your organisation. The Think Phase is the most important part of any solution.

Why is everyone talking about BI Self-Service?

The idea and practice of business people doing their own analysis & reporting is nothing new. But the trend toward agile visualisation using functionally rich reporting tools like SAP Lumira has got everybody in the business interested at how they might be able do more for themselves. Add to this the advantages of in-memory processing and big data and the future of reporting & analysis for your average business analyst - and pretty much everyone else in your organisation - is looking very exciting.

A modern approach to BI Self Service can provide you with a number of business benefits, including:

  • Tools that allow you to access various data sources and create visual stories to support decisions
  • Getting greater use of your business data leading to transparency & improvement of data quality
  • Satisfy a growing business desire for agility while maintaining good governance over BI processes and data
  • Get more buy-in to your BI strategy and better value for your investment in BI
  • Reduced reliance on IT resources leading to lower cost reporting

To achieve successful outcomes for a more decentralised BI model, we have to consider not only what the technology allows us to do but all of the practical aspects that might make it succeed or fail.

Plaut has a thorough understanding of these and can help you to plan and implement BI self-service successfully in your SAP environment.

Predictive Analytics 2.0

Advancing further on the Plant Maintenance KPI - how good would it be if we are able to predict the following?

  • Equipment failure and effectiveness
  • Address potential safety risks by integration of multiple source data
  • Maintenance cost or asset breakdown analysis
  • Stock consumption, customer demand and inventory requirements analysis

This can be achieved with SAP Predictive Analytics:

  • A comprehensive, leading product offering from SAP
  • An advanced area of analytics designed to provide more intelligent, more forward-looking (anticipatory), and more actionable analysis

Predictive analytics is a process of using statistical and data mining techniques to analyse historic and current data sets, create rules and predictive models and predict future events. Plaut are committed to this emerging speciality and happy to deliver a solution with you.

Predictive analytics is a process of using statistical and data mining techniques to analyse historic and current data sets, create rules and predictive models and predict future events. Plaut are committed to this emerging speciality and happy to deliver a solution with you.

BI Reporting

Plaut has expertise for flexible solutions - based on Plant Maintenance KPI reports. Having experts assess reporting needs and existing reporting technologies is a powerful and productive way forward. All industries need smart reporting and KPIs and Plaut have supported many. An example from the manufacturing industry relates to future Plant Maintenance reporting - and enabling ad hoc analysis on KPIs and a foundation for future maintenance reporting.

Plaut's experience with Tomago Aluminium Company (TAC) is a good example of the analysis of Maintenance KPI reporting tasks, developing and understanding the requirements and the vision of the Plant Maintenance department and recommending an IT business solution for managing Maintenance KPI reporting in the future. Key Reports Identified e.g. Failure Rate, Overdue Work, Outstanding Rotables, Service Completion, Scheduling and Compliance Rate.

The recommendation was to utilise the existing SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) infrastructure, build a Data Warehouse solution, introducing SAP Business Intelligence Platform XI4.0 (previously SAP Business Objects / BOBJ) as the preferred reporting tool. The solution expected to minimise the manual effort to produce the reports within Plant Maintenance.

Want to know more of the KPI Plant maintenance reports built for Tomago or a demo of Plant Maintenance KPI reports on the internal system using Design Studio? Ask us or watch!

Shopfloor to Topfloor

While the range of information required to successfully run a business is vast, in the world of manufacturing we can approach this as follows;

  • The Plant Manager needs to monitor and control the plant on a real time basis
  • The Manufacturing Director needs to understand whether manufacturing performance is in line with the overall business objectives of the company.

These two objectives should be based on the same data but will have a different emphasis on the detail. SAP Best Practice would suggest a focus on Manufacturing Performance Management and in this context to start with Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

By combining SAP MII (Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence) with SAP BA (Business Analytics) it is now possible to deliver “One version of the truth” from the Shop Floor to the Top Floor on the one SAP platform. The outcome of this is to allow businesses to make better decisions.

The following table highlights the current positioning of SAP MII and SAP BI to deliver reporting and how their combined strengths deliver Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence from the Shop Floor to the Top Floor:

Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC)

SAP BPC combines highly flexible, driver led planning capabilities with legal and management consolidation functionality.

Additionally, there's a high degree of SAP master and transaction data integration, where SAP BW and/or SAP HANA's robust speed can be leveraged.

Business process flows can guide end users through a planning or month end cycle. A full, real-time status overview is visible for process owners. All user interactions occur via MS Office (Excel) or a Web based interface, providing flexibility for the business. Multiple deployment options ensure that there's an optimal approach for your organisation.

Plaut has a highly experienced team successfully delivering this solution for many years. Together we can unlock the power of SAP BPC

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management (SCM) solutions can help build resiliency and flexibility into a supply network.


Data has exploded in businesses; utilising traditional planning methods are cumbersome meaning responsiveness to disruptions or market changes takes too long.

Let Plaut show you how IBP can align strategic and operational plans, sense short term demand and orchestrate your network to fulfill demand.


Customer demand is becoming more volatile and requires agility to meet demand. GATP on Hana is a systematic tool to check the entire company network for stock at time of sales order processing. Using the following predefined rules:

  • Alternative Location
  • Alternative Product
  • Production (Alternative location)

Businesses can now check their entire network (other plants) and incorporate business decisions such as: product / material substitutions and alternate production sources, automatically as part of their availability check.

GATP has the ability to determine the best delivery point for customer orders, based on real time inventory visibility and in transit lead times. Providing confirmed delivery dates based on stock location and delivery lead times.

GATP helps companies provide better customer service by increasing and meeting fulfilment expectations and can increase revenue by selling what you have, reducing overall operating expenses, and increasing your company’s efficiency.


Developing manufacturing excellence, with, Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence. Become an adaptive manufacturer - replenishing your supply network while responding to market changes - with SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence software. Link manufacturing processes with business operations to enable collaborative manufacturing and get the visibility you need to run your business in real time.


Make your procurement solution easy as 1-2-3

Everyday, we buy things online for personal use. Procurement for businesses should be streamlined to allow ease of use by employees as simply as they do at home everyday. Let Plaut show you how with apps and new technology.

Procurement solutions within SAP have moved to focus more on end user experience through:

  • Streamline contract handling
  • Source lists
  • Online catalogue
  • Front end shipping carts
  • Integrated back end handling
  • Electronic invoice handling

We can help you through the system Ariba, CLM, Concurr, SRM (what do you do with it now?)

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