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The heat is on!

Emily Kucukalic Wednesday, March 15, 2017 Blog
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By Jakob Kjaer @uxKjaer

Where do your people really go?

This week, SAP features Plaut’s latest ‘Persona’ flavor to create heat maps to show us where people are clicking.  We are continuing to devise, create and develop new ways to improve the usability of SAP and the new SAP Screen Personas enables us to do just that.

Essentially – we want our transactions at work to feel and act like apps, that we are used to using at home.  This new flavor enables you to work out the most used parts of a particular transaction and continue to develop the best access to these.

We built this flavor to help us to build optimal flavors.  Typically, when designing a suite of flavors,  you engage with the ‘power user’ of the particular transaction.  While these people are very knowledgeable in how to use the transaction, they have often worked out ways around the system with specific eccentricities developed over years.  So simply using their path can lead to flavors that aren’t optimal in their design.

Design by proxy can be dangerous as one person’s perception of a particular design isn’t necessarily the best.  Especially if that user is a power user rather than a general user, so not in the majority of users.

Plaut’s Heatmaps show you where users click, giving you much needed information of which part of the transaction the users actually use. Using heatmaps, we can optimise the user interface for all users – power or general.  For further information contact the UX Team

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