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The Future of SAP BW

Emily Kucukalic Wednesday, October 19, 2016 Blog

Do you wonder whether SAP Business Warehouse (BW) will still be needed for reporting once you move to S/4HANA?

Read our latest whitepaper explaining why we believe that BW is still a very valuable asset in the goal to providing the best decision making systems to a business.

Call it reporting, analytics, business intelligence or information management… what really matters, is it’s all for one thing,  decision making.

We look at how SAP BW fits into today’s SAP solutions and explore;

  • The impact of HANA on the need for SAP BW and their relationship
  • Today’s users of SAP BW
  • The main issues of SAP BW
  • Plaut’s prediction for the future of SAP BW
  • The reasons for maintaining a data warehouse
  • The reasons supported by the BW product and SAP’s Roadmap

To read on download the full Whitepaper

Download “Plaut-on-future-of-SAP-BW-1.pdf” Plaut-on-future-of-SAP-BW-1.pdf – 2 MB

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