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The changing face of SAP consultant

Terri Reeves Thursday, July 6, 2017 Blog

With the grand entrance of S/4HANA and SAP’s movement into the Cloud, we wanted to share our thoughts on the face of the SAP consultant of 2017.

With a simplified business process due to a reduction in configuration options, we feel the traditional solution has been split into two:

  1. Cloud ERP (S/4HANA Cloud) – based on SAP’s 40 years of experience in the market space to create end-to-end best practices.
  2. Development platform as a service. No longer do we build or expand on the ERP platform. Instead, we enhance and develop the business differentiators in the SAP cloud platform in an open source development environment.

Based on this movement in the industry, we are experiencing a requirement for the following attributes in our consultants:

  • A broader cross-functional understanding of the end-to-end business processes. Due to the reduced amount of configuration, consultants now need to morph into business change agents, validating the alignment of the business to the system with traditional end-to-end testing.
  • Extremely focused, with a deep understanding every element of the solution and configuration.
  • Collaboration is key. With customers taking the journey from the discovery phase, across all phases with the end objective to adopt best practice.
  • Greater stakeholder management skills are a must, to understand business process and influence the customer to adopt best practice.
  • Project management experience to identify the gaps, prioritise the business objectives and provide a solution.

With these skills honed, the consultant of today has become a major asset to the project. Dedicated on working with customers on their implementation journey, to go-live and through their lifetime of 90-day innovation cycles.

Having implemented S/4HANA in-house we know what is required and we have the smarts to do it.

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