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TechEd. The Keynote.

Terri Reeves Wednesday, September 21, 2016 Blog

By Jakob Kjaer

Officially TechEd doesn’t start until tomorrow, but since I arrived yesterday and the keynote is tonight, I thought I would start sharing my thoughts.

A game of golf with Simon Kemp and others helped me to start adjusting to the time difference and the sun helped me reset my body clock. Although after six years it was a challenge but went alot better than expected.

After some air on the golf course and after confirming I was not from Coca Cola.. I finally received my own ticket and was ready to embark on TechED!

The keynote with Bjoern Goerke kicked off with Bjoern appearing in a DeLorean, every teenage boy’s dream car of the eighties.

The Back To The Future theme was centred around how Bjoern could get enough energy to recharge the car. He started with tapping into the solar power of Nevada and after a short trip into good old SE11, he went to the core data services (CDS) views and explained how these could be used to generate odata and UI elements. Two cool things was presented,

  1. CDS views now support CRUD(Create, read, update and delete). While this is really cool I am curious to see how this handles tables of multiple joins
  1. Drafts are now supported as well, Bjoern demonstrated editing some data on the laptop and continue this on the mobile device. This is really cool and will definitely solve a lot of concerns of using mobile devices today; however I am still puzzled on how it handles concurrency control and hopefully NOT just locking the objects in the backed. Enabling etags would solve some of these issues, so you don’t overwrite newly stored business data, which changes while you still had your changes in draft mode. But whether this is supported out of the box is still an unanswered question.

He then moved to Webide and used a smart template to generate a UI with filter, search and sorting capabilities. He then joined this data with Ioy device data and generated a IoT UI on top with map capabilities, this is a new plugin to the webide as well, which looked really cool. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough energy to send him home. He then demonstrated an app build by SAP to power the flux capacitor, all participants of the keynote could download the app and help Bjoern to collect power by shaking their phones. The data was transmitted to SAP HANA event stream processing, which is great for handling very large data quantities, this was then shown in SAP Business Object Cloud in a Lumira like application, where he refreshed the data every second.

This really showed the powerful capabilities of real-time data. Imagine being able to handle an entire powergrid like this? Luckily this was enough power to send Bjoern back to the future and back on stage where he ended the keynote with presenting SAP HANA Express Edition, which is able to run on an Intel NUC or any computer with 32 gig for free. This will help developers to start with HANA without buying any new expensive hardware. He finish he joined the Fiori JAM band in a few songs.

All in all a good keynote; with some exciting new technologies and live demos, which mostly worked well. However I think he played a better Matt Damon in his Martian themed keynote in Barcelona last year.

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