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TechEd, Here I come!!

Terri Reeves Wednesday, September 7, 2016 Blog

By Jakob Kjaer

I’ve known since after high school, that I wanted to work with SAP. Why? Don’t know really, I’ve always had a flair for IT, since I started building computers at eight years old for my dad’s company. The only thing I knew about SAP, was that it was some big complex piece of software and that the consultants earned quite well. Remember, this was in the golden days just after 2000, where SAP consultants flew all over the world working on major ERP implementations.

I got my change in August 2010 starting as a SD trainee in Denmark. I worked with SD for three years and then shifted my focus to UX. I remember seeing SAP for the first time in those starting two weeks in August 2010 and I thought to myself, can this really be it? Is this supposedly the best software for enterprises in the world? I was amazed with how bad the UI was, but that is a whole different story for another time.

November came and the first of our consultant got to go to Teched in Europe, I remember looking at that conference and thinking I REALLY wanted to go there. Obviously I was still just learning and it made no sense sending me there. But I have always followed the Teched presentations, keynotes and especially DemoJam closely. I love the creativity put into those six minutes of presentation. I was close to going a few years later, but unfortunately it still wasn’t the right time for me.

I joined Plaut in February 2016 and told them that I wanted to go. Simon and I made an agreement that we should see if it would be possible. When the time came to submit abstracts for presentations, I thought to myself, what the heck! And I tried my luck. Lucky for me, one of my abstracts was selected and I get to go to my first Teched and even present my session about “UX200 – Scrum Down and Sprint Through Your Next SAPUI5 Project”. I am hugely excited and can’t wait to experience firsthand the anticipation of waiting for the keynotes, see the demojam, walk the show floor and so much more. If you haven’t seen Bjorn Goerke’s keynote from last year, it is worth a watch.

I have added my agenda to the bottom of this blog, if you are interested. I do have a lot of double bookings right now, but still trying to filter out what I want to see. So many great sessions available. My focus is very focus on the UX technologies as well as some megatrends like IoT.

Here is the agenda. I will make a summary every day on my sessions and how my day has been. So stay tuned and hopefully I might see you there!

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