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TechEd Day Two

Terri Reeves Thursday, September 22, 2016 Blog

By Jakob Kjaer

Day 2 of TechEd has passed and it’s time for me to recap on the sessions I attended. It’s great to be here and around so many like minded people.

My day started with attending The MOB100 Hitchhikers Guide to mobile technology at SAP. Content centered on the mobile platform and mobile services. There was an interesting guest speaker from Perfecto, who showed their product, a mobile service as a platform. The platform can be used to test UI5 apps on various devices, that you can start on their platform. Alevating the need to go out and buy a heap of different devices for testing,  you can buy this service and just start the device of your choice. This can introduce big savings for the project in terms of testing etc. It already works with SAP HCP Mobile Services which is really cool, so you can deploy your apps through this.

MY second session of the day was Supercharge the power of mobile users to consume data from SAP S/4HANA. A really interesting session showing the capabilities of Fiori 2.0 and also the SAP Content to Go app which will be released soon. This app makes it possible for you to save data from the S/4HANA system and store it on your phone, where it is available offline. Still at long way to go, but the demo was really cool showing how the feature is already built into the Fiori 2.0 Launchpad.

Then onto the Customer Keynote presented by Irfan Khan, who in his sharp looking suit talked about the differences and advantages of using HANA as a platform and also dug into the new BW/4HANA, which is SAP’s new EDW and how this has changed the business models for many companies already. Four customers’ testimonials about their different implementation of using HANA, were also presented.

After lunch I attended a code review session about Fiori Do’s and Don’ts. I thought it would be a about code, but instead it was more about the design importance of using the Fiori guidelines and addressing  typical design mistakes.

Then John Patterson presented his session about behaviour driven development. He spoke about using various agile approaches and the importance of this in UI5 projects, in many ways similar to my later session. The really cool takeaway from this session was that SAP WebIDE now supports Gherkin, a testing framework which allows you to create test cases in normal English which is t
hen used by OPA testing tools to test the UI. This is an awesome feature which will work great in test driven developments.

picture1Now it was time for my presentation; Scrum in UI5 projects. All in all I think it went quite well, the audience asked good questions and I received good feedback. My presentation was a high level introduction of Scrum and which tools and methods I would recommend when embarking on such a UI5 project.

Image: Simon’s home brewed timing device, which helped keep time.

Simon Kemp ended the day with his Guerilla UX session, a great turnout based on it being 5 pm. Simon spoke about some do’s and don’ts in UX design research and that you can actually achieve a lot in a simple way without the need for big expensive user research projects. He was very hands on and presented a lot of different methods and stories.

A long day full of exciting presentations, but now it was time for a beer and networking.

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