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Stories from the field. Darius Alekna talks about year one at Plaut.

Terri Reeves Wednesday, February 15, 2017 Blog
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Darius Alekna

As Darius reaches the milestone of his first year as the Sales Director Southern Region at Plaut, we wanted to get some insight into his first year on the job.

Q. What made you apply for a role with Plaut?

Being in the SAP game since the R2 days, I had always kept an eye on Plaut and respected them as a competitor who had proven you don’t need to be a big global player to win SAP deals and maintain a reputation for delivery excellence.  As I got to know the  CEO Sebastian Moore, one conversation led to another and then a need came up for someone to grow the Plaut business in Southern Region.  Having held P&L responsibilities for SAP and consulting businesses for many years, this made me consider what I really enjoy doing most and what I want from the next stage of my career.  The answer was building a business and thus the planets aligned.

Q. What made you decide to come work with Plaut

The opportunity to make a big impact in growing the Plaut business in the Southern Region, plus working with an energetic bunch of similarly motivated SAP professionals – ie. People who had had their time in the Big 4 or Global services firms, and just want to do excellent quality work for great clients without the red tape, bureaucracy and overheads. Also the pace at which decisions are made and things just get done – this is a huge advantage of being Australia’s largest, privately owned SAP services business.  A good idea is raised, the numbers quickly evaluated and before you know it we are off and running – 6 months ago S4HANA was still an ambition; now we are SAP’s premier “Lighthouse Partner” in the region for S4HANA Enterprise Cloud.

Q. Three things that you learned in the first year are…

Everything starts with a conversation – ie. Engage widely across clients and prospects, cold call weekly, and challenge yourself to knock down a door.  Before you know it opportunities emerge and the business starts to grow.

Q. Your next holiday from Plaut will be to….

Right, so if David and Sebastian are offering holidays, it will be skiing with the family in Japan (just putting it out there 🙂 )

Q. Your dream client would be…

We already have dream clients and have added new dream clients to Southern Region over the past 12 months – ie. Clients who recognise the Plaut difference and see that there really is a credible alternative to the Global firms.

Q. Your favourite thing about Plaut’s Melbourne office is…

Location, location, location – right in the heart of the Melbourne CBD in a converted, warehouse style layout with décor inspired by the artistic laneways that Melbourne is famous for.

If you fancy meeting Darius for coffee in our cool Melbourne office, you can contact him at Darius Alekna (if he isn’t in Japan), or find him on Linkedin.

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