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Solving one of the biggest issues in SAP Fiori

Terri Reeves Wednesday, March 2, 2016 Blog

By Jakob Kjaer, SAP UX Senior Consultant, Plaut IT Australia.

I have been on multiple Fiori implementation projects and some of the feedback I often received was “Why do I have to scroll so much” (on the Launchpad). For many power users, they easily access between 20 – 40 transactions or maybe even more in their daily work. In the Fiori launchpad today, depending on your screen resolution, you would be able to view between 15 – 25 tiles. Because of this, the user has to scroll to see more tiles. This issue is only becoming more apparent if you are using a tablet or a smartphone. Of course you can always use the search, but research has shown that search puts additional cognitive load onto the user so should never be used to replace a navigation structure completely.

We believe our approach will be especially useful for organisations used to the SAP portal or NWBC where the ability to build a nested navigation structure is a basic feature – The informational flatness of the standard Fiori launchpad does not allow for the creation of a hierarchical information architecture.

While we are not advocating for deep menu structures where people can easily get lost, we think that based on customer feedback there is a need to provide some sort of multilevel navigation to help organise content for users. SAP themselves had a go at addressing this problem in a number of different ways.

In HCM they have created two “Navigational” apps called My team and My services.

However these are only applicable for HCM and they are not reusing the Fiori launchpad approach with tiles.

Also you could go for the Fiori Overview Page, which looks great.

Fiori App

However it needs to be configured or developed for each app and the aim is not really just to have a simple navigational app, but more a quick overview of various KPI’s within a certain area.

Addressing this issue we set out to develop a “navigational” tile that will give the user a possibility to navigate to a sub folder from the main launchpad. This approach has been used with great success in SAP Business Client on the index page.

Imagine a user having a launchpad with three tiles

  • Sales
  • Deliveries
  • Invoices

They click on Sales and will now see tiles

  • Quotations
  • Sales Documents
  • Prices
  • Check Prices and availability

If they click on Sales document they will see

  • Sales Order Worklist
  • Create Sales Order
  • Change Sales Order
  • Display Sales Order

This was simply not possible before. However with Plaut’s new application for navigation it is!

We are reusing the Fiori catalogs from the Launchpad designer to filter which tiles needs to be shown in a particular folder. Also the user is able to use the back button to navigate back to a previous folder.

As a customer you aren’t limited to just Fiori apps in the Fiori launchpad with our approach, you can easily include SAP Gui Transactions, Web Dynpro, screen personas flavors and even external content from SAP.

The application is a single application, so it is very simply to use and setup.

Fiori App

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2 Responses to "Solving one of the biggest issues in SAP Fiori"

  1. Mathew Muthalaly says:

    This is good. I was wondering when SAP themselves were going to come out with ‘stacked tiles’, wherein under say ‘Sales’ header the different options would be stacked in an offset manner with the header of each visible for the User to click directly.

  2. Jocelyn Dart says:

    Hi Jakob I take it the tile groups capability where users can click on the group name to go straight to that set of tiles has superseded this. You might also want to look out for some performance improvements coming in this area with SAP_UI release 7.51 SP01

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