Supply Chain Management

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Facing Supply Chain Challenges?

Plaut has developed a number of Supply Chain related solutions to support you in facing these challenges:

  • Provide consistent and reliable customer service across all channels
  • Reduce order fulfilment lead-times
  • Provide service levels at competitive costs
  • Create competitive differentiation and valued services
  • Grow your customer base and your business
  • Improve efficiencies across all customer and enabling processes
  • Quickly adapt to changing market demands
  • Optimise dock scheduling, transport fleet and management of transport costs
  • Deliver traceability of products, shipments and customer deliveries
  • Manage the entire supply chain from Procure to Pay, Plan to Manufacture and Order to Cash
  • Deliver supply and operational planning
  • Synchronise plant floor data with ERP master data
  • Provide scheduling flexibility, finished goods update and BOM changes to the plant

Integrated Business Planning

Lagging Integrated Business planning (IBP) process wreaks havoc on operating costs. IBP ties together your operational plan with your strategic business plan, providing a holistic view of demand, supply, and finance so that you can plan to profit.

Why is integrated planning an issue now?

A robust and mature IBP process is critical to improving operating performance in critical areas such as:

  • Customer service
  • Inventory management
  • Capex efficiency
  • Profitable revenue growth
  • Technology and data

Companies that manage IBP purely as a supply chain process are not seeing the bigger picture. Today’s competitive market pressures require less focus on yesterday’s backorder and more on how the company’s existing capacity can meet long-term plans. S&OP HANA provides a full easy to use collaborative tool, real-life simulations, integration across non-SAP applications delivered from the cloud that can bring key stakeholders together in an integrated planning environment.

Want to see a demo of the SAP Integrated Business Planning tool? Click here

  • Supply Chain - Supplier Enablement and Automation

    Many organisations focus on improving electronic processes with their large suppliers only and miss the potential benefits for the rest of their suppliers. Plaut can work with you to:

    • Accelerate your procurement process
    • Decreasing your risk of supply
    • Creating higher process transparency
    • Enable external catalogues
    • Reducing transaction costs
    • Enabling better alignment of suppliers
    • Improving accuracy

    We can create different options for the automation of communication with suppliers – to meet yours and your supplier’s best-suited solution to meet your needs. We can work with you through the whole process from strategic assessment to system implementation.

  • Supply Chain - SAP B2B Hub Integration

    Plaut will work with you to apply your SAP technology investment to better integrate with suppliers and customers. We can:

    • Increase spend visibility
    • Enable electronic catalogues
    • Compresscycle times and lower transaction costs
    • Strengthen customer relationship
    • And enabling better alignment of suppliers
    • Improving order accuracy
    • Connect to your most important business partners.

    Plaut specialises in connecting business with B2B hubs like Ariba Supplier Network.

    Download SAP E-Market Integration overview brief
  • Supply Chain - Transportation Management

    • Can you improve your transportation costs and efficiencies?
    • How high are your transportation and delivery costs, relative to revenue?
    • How well does your IT systems support your transportation requirements?

    Transportation costs are constantly increasing due to higher energy costs as well as environmental compliance costs. Managing transportation costs effectively through deploying a Plaut Solution will deliver you:

    • High visibility of your transportation costs and other relevant aspects
    • Lower operational costs and improved system efficiency
    • Better and reliable customer service
    • Improvement of your competitive position.

    Plaut has assisted many companies including in finding the best-suited solution for their needs. We can work with you through the whole process from strategic assessment to system implementation.

  • Supply Chain - Logistics

    SAP ERP Logistics solutions help you to manage your inventories, supplies and deliveries and plan production. The SAP ERP Logistics suite of modules integrate with CRM and SRM/Ariba. Sales orders created through CRM, and purchase orders issued through SRM/Ariba, are both processed in the ERP Logistics system. The SAP ERP Logistics suite includes a number of specialised modules.

    SD (Sales and Distribution)
    This module allows for the entry of quotations and sales orders, sends them to the warehouse for picking, and generates invoices which are posted automatically to the Accounts Receivables module in SAP.

    MM (Materials Management)
    This module supports inventory management and stock takes, including purchasing and receiving goods and services.

    PP (Production Planning)
    This module helps you manage the production process. It maintains bills of materials, routings scheduling the resources you need to make your product, including people, machines and raw materials, and helps with capacity planning.

    PM (Plant Maintenance)
    This module helps you to maintain your manufacturing resources (plant and equipment). It automates the process of scheduling maintenance plans and ad hoc maintenance. Reporting functions include the capacity to identify plant and equipment that breaks down too often.

    LE (Logistics Execution)
    This module helps you to manage all aspects of goods movements, from picking items in the warehouse to delivering them to the customer. It plans transport and shipment costs and manages warehouse (EWM) processes (ensuring that products are available in time to meet delivery deadlines).

    QM (Quality Management)
    Helps you to check goods to ensure they adhere to quality standards across products you manufacture and those sourced from suppliers. Provides an inspection list for each product prompting when checks are required, and records inspection results. SAP provides very flexible tools, so you can define inspection schedules. QM will approve or reject products, materials or batches, and manage their movement to the next stage (if approved) or block further processing (if rejected).

    CS (Customer Service)
    This module manages repair jobs for customers. It manages the resource requirements (sending a technician) and warranties and will invoice the customer (if appropriate). Reporting functions include the capacity to identify products requiring excessive warranty repairs.

  • Supply Chain - Supply and Procurement Assessment

    Plaut’s Supply and Procurement Assessment will enable you to:

    • Create a clear vision and strategy on how to improve your supply practices
    • Build higher process efficiency and effectiveness
    • Lower supply and operational costs
    • Address organisational issues, such as maverick buying, excessive inventory and forecasting errors
    • Contribute to your organisation’s overall profit and success.

    Plaut has assisted many companies, in finding the best-suited solution for their needs. We can work with you through the whole process from strategic assessment to system implementation.

  • Supply Chain - Customer Strategy Assessment

    The Plaut approach to assessing and developing a supply chain customer strategy will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of your customers. We can help you to understand who your most profitable customers are, measure your customer retention and work with you to create:

    • Stronger customer focus and value-focused customer interactions
    • Higher customer satisfaction leading to increased customer retention and loyalty
    • Reduced costs of acquiring and retaining customers
    • Higher customer profitability

    Plaut has worked with many companies in finding the best-suited solution for their needs. We can work with you through the whole process from strategic assessment to system implementation.

  • Supply Chain - Business Value CRM Methodology

    Many CRM implementations fail or do not deliver benefits, often not because of SAP/IT, but because there may be:

    Stronger customer focus and value-focused customer interactions:

    • Unclear project objectives or no business case
    • Unclear on how to measure the benefits and successes
    • Little or no business ownership
    • Poorly handled Change Management or Marketing

    Plaut works with our clients to create a successful CRM implementation through developing a common, shared understanding of project objectives and goals:

    • We build a framework to measure business benefits with a focus on creating business value and a high degree of acceptance of the solution by all key stakeholders.
    • Focus on business value and key success factors.
    • High acceptance of solution by customers, partners and internal staff.

    These days, sales automation is considered ‘table stakes’, it is required to simply compete within markets. Using proven, customer deployed, models, we focus on building better customer service capacity and order lead times. Plaut can build you a competitive position through higher process efficiencies and accuracy.

  • Supply Chain - Performance Management

    Creating high visibility of your supply chain enables you to understand how you are ranking against your competitors and to measure and improve your supply chain performance.

    Plaut can help you to deliver better performance and efficiencies through the supply chain. In turn, you will lower your operational costs and improve customer service – ultimately improving the profitability of your business.

    Plaut has assisted many companies, in finding the best suited solution for their needs. We can work with you through the whole process from strategic assessment to system implementation.

    Download Supply Chain Solution overview
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