Risk Management

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Risk Management

Enterprise risk management helps you to understand risk and how it affects business value, to foresee and act on emerging opportunities, and to anticipate catastrophic losses. With the SAP® Risk Management application, you can employ effective, integrated risk management activities. It provides insightful information to support responsible and profitable responses to risk, and it helps you assess and address current and future risks and opportunities – so you can preserve and build business value.

Preserve and grow value

  • This solution allows you to document all key enterprise risks and the risks’ drivers, impacts, KRIs and risk thresholds.
  • You can use this solution to consider risks that previously were managed across a number of risk silos.
  • With RM you can centralise your risk efforts so that there is one consistent way to identify, document, analyse and mitigate risk.
  • By centralising your risk approach, executives and LOB leaders have far greater visibility into all of the risks that may impact their area.
  • Customers use Risk Management to understand the impact that risk has on strategy, planning and execution and to gain greater insights to avoid or mitigate risks.

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