Process Management & Controls

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Process Management & Controls

Every organisation needs and relies on internal controls for day to day functioning.– to manage risks to the business, achieve performance goals, produce reliable financial reports, and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. In addition, as part of their oversight responsibility, the board and executive management need assurance that the controls in place are effective.

SAP Process Control enables an organisation to be both more efficient and more effective in providing both the controls themselves and assurance that the controls are operating effectively.

Manage access risk and prevent fraud

  • Replace manual controls with more efficient automated controls. Process Control can monitor transactions as they are being processed and provide timely identification of potential credit issues.
  • Centralise and reduce the number of controls.Process Control has the ability to provide controls across multiple systems and organisations. A centralised automated control using Process Control can replace multiple controls within each system or organisation.
  • Improve the quality of controls. Process Control has the ability to examine 100% of the transactions processed and identify exceptions to specified rules. With Process Control, all transactions are examined and only potential exceptions are identified for review and follow-up.
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of control testing.Process Control is an efficient continuous auditing application that allows organisations to deploy a combination of automated control monitoring, manual control testing, and control self-assessments.
  • Implement an efficient and effective fraud detection program. Because it is able to examine 100% of transactions against pre-determined rules, Process Control is an effective and efficient way to identify suspicious and potentially fraudulent transactions.

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