Identity & Access Management

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Identity & Access Management

Using manual processes and spreadsheets to manage access risk is resource intensive, time consuming, costly and can expose you to unnecessary risk. With the SAP® Access Control application, you can automate key processes to prevent access violations, streamline user provisioning with SAP Identity Management integration, and centralise role management. This keeps costs down and minimises internal fraud risks.

SAP ID Management allows for user management access according to roles and authorisations across heterogeneous landscapes — including non-SAP systems.

Manage Access risk and prevent fraud

There are four key functional areas to Identity and Access Management:

  1. Risk analysis and remediation. Real-time analysis of user access and SOD issues. Prevention focused, this helps stop users from using elevated or inappropriate authorisation before a violation occurs.
  2. Enterprise role management. Role definition and maintenance can be handled in a single location. Users can perform a risk analysis in real-time to ensure that new role creation will not create any new SOD or other access violations.
  3. Super-user privilege management. These capabilities allow you to grant emergency access to perform critical tasks. The key is not the emergency access, but ensuring that it is tracked and is done in an auditable fashion.
  4. By integrating SAP Identity Management with the SAP Access Control applicationfor GRC management, you can prevent SOD violations that can occur from assigned users with conflicting permissions and place mitigating controls. Your organisation can get clean, stay clean, and stay in control of access to all applications in the system landscape, from SAP Business Suite to third-party applications.
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