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Introducing SAP Process Mining by Celonis

Celonis Process Mining is an intelligent big data technology that analyses and visualises every IT-based process in your company. It reveals weaknesses, process inefficiencies, and compliance issues and provides 100% process transparency. Moreover, flexible further analysis options allow you to identify the possible root causes for process inefficiencies. These functionalities make Celonis Process Mining the ideal solution for continuous process monitoring.

Based on the findings generated by Celonis Process Mining, Plaut can support customers to determine and prioritize the necessary measures for action to make their businesses more efficient:

  • Celonis Process Mining (CPM analyses and visualises every IT-based process in your organisation).
  • CPM shows weakness, process inefficiencies and compliance issues.
  • CPM provides 100% process transparency.
  • Flexible analysis options easily identify root causes of issues.
  • A perfect solution for continuous process monitoring.

Plaut is the only Certified Celonis Partner in Australia. We will assist you to:

  • Develop a business case for Process mining
  • Highlight key areas for improvement such as rework, automation, benchmarking and compliance checking

Introducing Celonis Process Mining

Our Team

Geoff Armstrong leads our Process Mining and Business Intelligence practice. Geoff is a certified Celonis Process Mining Scientists and possesses advanced knowledge in this field. For more on Process Mining, read Geoff’s blogs here, here and here. Click here to contact Geoff for a tailored BI or Process Mining solution.

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