Process Mining & Analytics

The information you need already exists, scattered through your business, as raw data.

The information you need already exists

The information you need is scattered through your business, as raw data. The task is to capture and organise, so you can extract value, enabling your organisation to make highly informed business decisions.

We can provide tools to gather data, deliver automatic reporting, and present them in easy-to-navigate formats, such as dashboards. Our business intelligence services builds on existing SAP solutions, on cloud and on premise.

  • Introducing SAP Process Mining by Celonis

    Celonis Process Mining is an intelligent big data technology that analyses and visualises every IT-based process in your company. It reveals weaknesses, process inefficiencies, and compliance issues and provides 100% process transparency. Moreover, flexible further analysis options allow you to identify the possible root causes for process inefficiencies. These functionalities make Celonis Process Mining the ideal solution for continuous process monitoring.

    Based on the findings generated with Celonis Process Mining, Plaut can support customers to determine and prioritise the necessary measures for action to make their businesses more efficient:

    • Celonis Process Mining (CPM analyses and visualises every IT-based process in your organisation).
    • CPM shows weakness, process inefficiencies and compliance issues.
    • CPM provides 100% process transparency.
    • Flexible analysis options easily identify root causes of issues.
    • Perfect solution for continuous process monitoring.

    Plaut is the only Certified Celonis Partner in Australia. We will assist you to:

    • Develop a business case for Process mining.
    • Highlight key areas for improvement such as rework, automation, benchmarking and compliance checking.
  • Business Intelligence Strategy

    Innovation in the Business Intelligence space has been relentless. There have been massive changes to the SAP Business Intelligence landscape and SAP clients now have a vast choice of tools and approaches to satisfy their BI requirements. For both new and existing users of BI Technology, it is essential to have a clear strategy to ensure you get the most out of your investment in BI.

    Plaut will assist you to:

    • Maximise Business Value through Alignment of Business and BI Strategies.
    • Prioritise Business Demands via a Governance Framework.
    • Build a Roadmap for the adoption of an easier to use reporting toolset.
    • Improve decision making with more proactive analysis.
  • Business Objects

    SAP Business Objects portfolio of products offers best in class capabilities for data acquisition, data quality and information presentation. This portfolio offers an exciting opportunity for clients to drive the adoption of Business Intelligence throughout the organisation.

    Plaut will assist you to:

    • Integrate Business Objects into existing SAP BW environments.
    • Develop a “future proof” Roadmap for your reporting toolset.
    • Improve user adoption by matching user needs to the right toolset.
    • Leverage your investment in Business Objects Business.
  • BI - Enterprise Data Warehousing

    Enterprise Data Warehouse continues to be the cornerstone for clients delivering “one version of the Truth”.

    Plaut can help you to:

    • Lower your TCO for Reporting by using an Enterprise Data Warehousing approach.
    • Drastically reduce the time for producing reports.
    • Deliver accurate and trusted information to everyone across the enterprise.

    We have successfully delivered Business Intelligence projects for major Australian organisations and our deep knowledge of the EDW process spans the entire SAP toolset. We offer a complete service for improved Business Intelligence with SAP BI and BOBJ tools.

  • BI - Budgeting and Planning

    Plaut can work with you to create a fully integrated budgeting and planning program for your whole business that integrates sales, financial and production plans. This will drastically reduce budget cycle time and complexity, giving you an accurate and holistic view of your business’s operational systems.

    Plaut has successfully delivered Budgeting and Planning projects for major Australian organisations and our deep knowledge of the planning process spans the entire SAP planning toolset. We offer a complete service for improved Business Planning from Process design through to implementation and training.

  • BI Sustainability Reporting

    Are you complying with mandatory National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER)?

    From 1 July 2008, large and medium size Australian businesses were required to report under the NGER act which also forms the basis for the future Australian Emissions Trading Scheme (AETS) where timely, auditable, and accurate reporting is required.

    Plaut has developed a proven solution with a premier Australian Manufacturing business that enables you to:

    • Leverage your existing SAP landscape.
    • Manage both SAP and non-SAP data.
    • Enable rapid deployment with minimal  business disruption.
    • Compliment other emissions management systems.
    • Leverage Plaut’s BI & ERP consulting services skills.
  • BI - Upgrade

    SAP is continuing to develop the technology to improve usability, reporting performance and integration across the entire data landscape. In order to fully leverage your existing investment in BI it is important to keep your SAP BW system close to the latest release.

    Many of our clients have achieved significant improvements by moving BW a HANA database, relocating to Amazon Web Servcies or taking advantage of HANA as a DW.

    Plaut will assist you to:

    • Develop a business case for upgrade approval.
    • Understand license implications.
    • Upgrading to latest BI system with minimal impact and cost.
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