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New IT governance standard released

Terri Reeves Wednesday, January 1, 2014 Client News
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Standards Australia has published a significant new standard to support governance leaders to successfully guide major information technology projects.
“The standard has been prepared to set out how significant IT projects can benefit through the use of appropriate governance frameworks and principles,” said
Dr Bronwyn Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Standards Australia.“ As the world we live in continues to change rapidly, organisations need to consider how they can deliver effectively today, while investing in technology for the future,” said Dr Evans.
Dr Evans said guiding successful projects, driving change within organisations, and achieving desired business outcomes, requires clear engagement between governing bodies and
their senior executive. “Organisations undertaking significant IT projects will find this is the ‘go-to’ document when it comes to linking governance and management, ” said Dr Evans.
Max Shanahan, project editor and member of Standards Australia Technical Committee, IT-030, said AS/NZS 8016 offers a model of engagement between an organisation’s governing body and management. “It is based on the model outlined in ISO/IEC 38500:2010 Corporate Governance of Information Technology and is designed to raise awareness among boards and executives of their governance responsibilities,” Shanahan said. Shanahan said the standard is also designed to assist members of governing bodies, who are required to evaluate business cases for major IT-related investment decisions, without having the benefit of a technology background.
The standard was developed by Technical Committee IT-030, ICT Governance and Management, with committee members including representatives from organisations such as the Australian Computer Society, the Australian Information Industry Association, the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the Project Management Institute, and the Queensland Government Chief Information Office.
The standard is available from

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