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Manufacturing Still Matters

Terri Reeves Thursday, October 16, 2014 Blog
Broadbent's Blog


Written by John Broadbent -National Solution Lead –Manufacturing.

I for one have watched the contraction of Australia’s manufacturing sector over the last decades.

It pains me to think that apprenticeships and cadetships, the mainstay of school-leavers looking for trades or engineering jobs, are all but gone, as business after business closes its doors.

We’re yet to realise the removal of the car industry and the knock-on effect this will have. After all, the car industry supply chain was very efficient, even if the manufacturing was not on suitable economies of scale for local consumption.

From this article is a reference to Nichloas Kaldor who proposed that ‘living standards were positively correlated with the overall health of the nation’s manufacturing sector.’

It goes on to say that the Aussie economy cannot maintain long-term growth and high living standards on the back of agriculture, mining and services alone. Manufacturing still matters.

As per my previous blog, once again Innovation is the key. How do we compete now on a global stage with manufactured products that we can make competitively and locally, while selling internationally?

I heard an interview on radio this week which discussed Solarhart’s history and Australia’s place as the leading global solar producer … once upon a time.

Now that dream is dead, sunk by lack of government support for renewable energy, research grants and customer incentives, while being overtaken by the Chinese solar manufacturing juggernaut.

I would have thought we could learn from this, but alas, apparently not.

And I thought we were The Clever Country…

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