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Financials, Human Resources, Sales, Procurement, Customer Service, and Supply Chain. Cloud solutions integrate seamlessly with on-premise solutions to maximise agility and eliminate the need for major IT investments. Enabling your business to;

  • Increase efficiency across your organisation by standardising SAP best practices
  • Gain timely insights through embedded analytics and reporting
  • Access business functionality and analytics anywhere, anytime, from a broad range of mobile devices
  • Leverage corporate resources to your subsidiaries with standard, supported, integration
  • Highly secure data centres that are managed, monitored, and maintained by SAP experts
  • Focus on your business, not IT, with up to date software managed, monitored and maintained by SAP and partners


Unlock the power of your financial information - with our cloud solutions for finance

SAP's New Simple Finance

Ever dreamt of the ultimate financial solution?

A solution that offers a common view of all financial information, ranging from high level income statement to the lowest transaction level?

A solution that offers a context sensitive and user friendly interface, accessible from multiple platforms?

A solution that truly offers a single source and doesn't require data replication whilst lowering TCO?

That solution has arrived, it's named SAP Simple Finance & Plaut can help you deliver this dream.

Business Planning & consolidation (BPC)

SAP BPC combines highly flexible, driver led planning capabilities with legal and management consolidation functionality.

Additionally there's a high degree of SAP master and transaction data integration, where SAP BW and/or SAP HANA's robust speed can be leveraged.

Business process flows can guide end users through a planning or month end cycle. A full, real-time status overview is visible for process owners. All user interactions occur via MS Office (Excel) or a Web based interface, providing flexibility for the business. Multiple deployment options ensure that there's an optimal approach for your organisation.

Plaut has a highly experienced team successfully delivering this solution for many years. Together we can unlock the power of SAP BPC

Cloud for Planning

SAP Cloud for Planning is a next generation business user oriented solution with a modern interface offering full modelling flexibility. Users can set-up their own scenarios, whilst the extensive collaboration and analysis features assist in the review and approval process. This solution truly leverages the Cloud and HANA capabilities, offering your organisation more time to focus on the planning process.

With Plaut and Cloud for Planning, your organisation can take the next leap into the Cloud.

Plaut's Unique 'Think Phase' Method

Over the years, Plaut has seen many organisations struggling with their planning and/or reporting processes. These processes are affiliated with long cycle times, low accountability and compromised data validity. Clients think that these issues will be solved through implementing a software solution. Whilst this is often a part of the solution, at PLAUT, we think the root causes should be tackled first.

Plaut addresses these issues in a structured way. Through a series of interactive workshops, we will work together to find a better overall process that works for your organisation. The Think Phase is the most important part of any solution


Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Managing Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is the essence of sound business practice. Companies have the duty to deploy assets in a way that furthers business goals and objectives. GRC describes a variety of activities within an organisation, from the composition of a board of directors, to the establishment of internal financial controls.

Plaut has a depth of experience in streamlining compliance processes and ensuring clients have immediate visibility to their risk and improve overall performance. By integrating key GRC activities into your existing business processes, you can reduce complexity and cut costs - while protecting your company's reputation and financial wellbeing.

User Experience & Fiori Apps

Fiori started out as just a few, new, nice looking applications from SAP that can be used on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Today it underpins the entire future of SAPs User Interface strategy.

It goes much deeper than what you see on the surface SAP's User eXperience is more than an Interface. There are many tangible business benefits from improving user experience.

We build a solid business case to understand exactly where a great User eXperience can save you money, earn you new customers and ensure you are getting the most from your investment in SAP.

We work with you to understand your user's needs and wants. We build User personas to test ideas on, to create various types of users.

At Plaut we understand that great User eXperience isn't just about the tool you use to create the User Interface - it is the experience. We can help you at all stages of your User eXperience journey from preparing the business case, through user research, personas and prototyping.

Human Capital Management

Engage your workforce to drive growth - soar high with HCM Applications

Integrate your HR employee data with your enquiry system in C4C to support seamless and efficient requests and resolution of employee related issues.

Click here for more on Cloud for Service to HCM

Success Factors

As a cloud partner, we can help you to get your head out of the clouds, let us help you see through the haze of success factors and SAP

Success factors v SAP for key processes
Integration to ECC systems and processes
HR Renewal

SAP are still investing in core on-premise functionality with the User interface and functionality improvements of HR Renewal

HR Renewal is part of SAP's HR core renovation program, which is aimed to boost productivity of HR Professionals and increase HR efficiency

Implement new features of HR Renewal
Payroll Control Centre

May your payroll journey be a smooth one

Increase efficiency, Reduce Errors and Improve Accuracy, The Payroll Control Centre can help you do this

Why implement Payroll Control Centre - come talk to us

  • Build powerful exception reports specific to the business
    • Cut out Excel manipulation
    • Big time saving in targeting real exceptions
  • Track issue resolution in real time
  • Simple visualisation of payroll process
  • Standardise payroll processing - take control of the transactions and variants used
  • All at no extra cost - no extra licencing fees required
Fiori Apps for HCM Simplify and improve your user interface for key applications

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