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Improve your SAP system for free!

Emily Kucukalic Monday, January 8, 2018 Plaut news
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Would you like to understand the inefficiencies in your SAP System? How about removing this cost from your business system?

Sure, sure, but what’s that going to cost me?

How about nothing? You can improve your system for free!

For a limited time, the Plaut Process Mining team is offering to analyse your SAP change logs for free. Yes, receive a no-cost installation of the Plaut Process Analysis Tool for the first 3 customers to sign up.

What’s in it for us? Simple. We are Australia’s leading Process Mining Firm and we are determined to change the SAP Process landscape. We believe that the inefficiencies in most SAP systems are so profound that once highlighted, the imperative to improve will be overwhelming!

Our work with Celonis Process Mining has changed our world. For 25 years we have implemented highly optimised SAP systems, and yet it’s still not enough.

To improve your system, you must understand what’s happening in your system, and to understand this you must analyse your SAP changelogs.

Let the Plaut Process Analysis Tool be the first step to improving your SAP Processes.

Contact Geoff Armstrong now to find out how to analyse your system for free!

Geoff Armstrong, Process Excellence & Analytics Advisory Lead, Plaut Australia

Geoff joined Plaut in 2001 and has deployed SAP BI and Costing solutions in some of  Australia’s most sophisticated implementations in private and public sectors. Geoff is also a certified Celonis Process Mining Scientist with the know-how to deliver some seriously good outcomes for SAP Business Processes.

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