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HANA a Summary

Terri Reeves Thursday, March 17, 2016 Blog

By Henry Fernandez, Solution Lead – SAP Architecture

Plaut IT Australia

HANA’s makeover has started. In the market as a Business Intelligence technology platform for a long time, HANA’s core applications are being revolutionised – It’s been dubbed the new R/4.

In preparation and anticipation, this document takes a moment to look at what HANA is and what HANA does.

  • HANA – A Summary – To get beyond the confused stage of what SAP HANA is, I found it useful to consider the topic from a few different starting points.
  • SAP HANA as a Technology – This is the origin of the SAP HANA solution and it’s where most people default to when the topic comes up
  •  SAP HANA as an Application.
  •  SAP HANA Cloud – Plenty of room for confusion here.
  • SAP HANA as a Deployment Solution.

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Download full document below.

Download “Plaut_HANA_Summary-1.pdf” Plaut_HANA_Summary-1.pdf – 626 KB

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