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GRIR Account Management – Taming the wild beast!

Emily Kucukalic Monday, June 26, 2017 Blog

Who hasn’t run for cover at the first mention of the GRIR Account?

This account has stalked all versions of the SAP general ledger since the 1970’s and has developed a strong reputation for bringing even the toughest CPAs to tears!

It sits like a colossus between the worlds of procurement and accounts payable and often provides a ready excuse for organisational finger pointing.

Over the years SAP has provided analysis reports and transactions to assist in resolving the impasses that arise. Though these tools are no doubt useful, there is a set of absent coherent tools and procedures that together create a path towards reconciliation. And after all isn’t all we want in life is a reconciled GR/IR!

Here at Plaut, we have used our many years of knowledge in SAP to bring together a simple GRIR analysis cube with a set of guided procedures that assist in resolving the issues presented in the analysis. These procedures are based on a practical business understanding of the underlying processes in play.

And remember, if you have related accounts like Freight or Customs clearing, we can certainly help with these as well. At Plaut, we love to solve problems to make life easier for our customers and at the same time reduce the office bill for kleenex…

Want to find out more? Simply click here and share your GRIR related challenges.

Henry Fernandez

Henry is the Plaut Advisory Services lead and has been doing SAP stuff for close to 30 years. He is currently exploring a range of interesting technology developments and can sometimes be found in Plaut’s Sydney Innovation Hub.

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