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Did you know you can ski in South Africa? Meet Paul Coppin!

Emily Kucukalic Wednesday, April 12, 2017 Blog
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This month, Plaut welcomes Paul Coppin back into the Plaut family as a SAP SCM Consultant.  Paul last worked with us in 2008 and has spent the last nine years at LinFox.  We wanted to confirm a couple of things with him.

Q: Three reasons why you came back to Plaut?

Only three…?:-)

Firstly, I feel at home in compact, efficient organisations. My memories of Plaut are a team that just gets on with the job; without too much of the fuss that you can get in larger organisations!

Secondly, I enjoy the energy of the team members. The team always seemed to get on well at social and family events. I love the family focus. I recall team members having a lot of kids. I have two that are now a bit older than when I was last at Plaut.  My daughter is about to turn 15 and my son is 13 (sorry if that is too much of a digression..:-).

Thirdly,  Plaut is leading the way with S/4HANA…I can’t wait to sink my teeth into that!

Q: What do you think are the most important issues facing organisations in your area of expertise?

Let me focus on warehousing since that’s been my world for the last few years. I really have two mindsets when it comes to warehousing. In the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) world, Batch management is critical and I think old fashioned SAP WM is still the superior product even though EWM will catch up. Here modelling is key. If you get this right, you get huge efficiency gains. With FMCG you need to understand your product and the volumes that it moves to get the right balance of bulk storage, racking and pick faces right. The costs or benefits of more mechanical crane systems become more apparent too. In the world where you have a lot of products with serial numbers such as the automotive industry, SAP EWM is the King. Here it’s more critical to understand how to divide up your products by appropriate handling requirements. In any event, it’s easy to get blinded by Radio Frequency and voice picking devices, believing they give you speed efficiencies.  The real benefits come from the control they provide! No issues with chasing around stock that has been misplaced or incorrectly picked due to bad operator discipline.

Q:  You were a member of your university’s ski club in South Africa.  What did you learn? 

That was a wild time! We would go into the mountains of Lesotho where you only saw the occasional horseback shepherd. We set up our own drag lift and partied like only students can.

What did I learn? I learnt that skiing can damage one’s body! Nowadays I am more responsible and enjoy masters swimming. So if there is a spare minute, chances are I am out looking for a pool to get some laps in!

Thank you, Paul, for coming back!

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