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Becoming a Plauter: Introducing Dianne Kely-Smith

Emily Kucukalic Friday, November 3, 2017 Blog

After working as a Plaut contractor for nearly 3 years, Dianne Kely-Smith has made it official and, to our delight, is now a full-time Plaut SCM consultant.

Read on to know why Dianne made the leap to becoming a fulltime Plauter and for her view on the changing dynamics of the programming/technology sector.

You’ve worked with us for three years – what helped you decide to join the Plaut family?

I had been working for Plaut as a contractor for three years when the opportunity presented itself to become a permanent employee, I knew this would be an easy decision to make. I had already experienced several opportunities as a contractor to work with a number of clients and I loved the culture of the organisation. I have also been very privileged to work with several consultants based in Sydney and Canberra, all of which had a wealth of knowledge and experience and, more importantly, a passion for SAP which I myself share.

From my experience as a contractor, Plaut’s delivery of quality products, combined with the relaxed working culture and ability to maintain a healthy work-life balance, made it an easy decision to become part of the family. I am looking forward to my future career with Plaut and the opportunities it provides.

How do you see the THINK brand working in your day to day life at Plaut?

I apply the THINK brand daily in my role as a consultant. I am always thinking, progressing and improving, with the clients’ requirements at the forefront of my mind. 

The Plaut framework commences with the THINK phase, where the advisory team engage with clients to determine the project briefs, objective, and scope, in preparation for a project. My role is to work closely with the advisory team to design, enable and implement the project. 

Throughout all phases of the Plaut framework, I draw upon my knowledge and experience, while thinking of a solution that meets the client’s requirements. A key component from my perspective is about building a relationship and working with the client, in order to deliver a successful outcome based on the identified requirements.

In many cases, this involves thinking in tandem with the client and collaborating with other Plaut consultants to deliver successful outcomes.

How do you think the sector has changed in last 15 years from a woman’s perspective?

My first exposure to SAP was in 1998 as ABAP programmer. At that time, I was the only female and the youngest in my field at a number of different organisations, both in Australia and the UK. In the last three years, three out of the four ABAP programmers I’ve worked with have been female. In my experience, there are more females working within the technical SAP space in roles such as ABAP programming and Basis consultants.

A number of years into my career I transitioned to functional roles specialising in Plant Maintenance and Finance. I have seen an increase in the number of female consultants specialising in this field, however, the end users are still predominately male with engineering backgrounds. I think there has also been a steady increase in the number of Finance consultants and that is in line with the general increase in females in the workforce.

In my opinion, a lot has changed over the past fifteen years both in the workplace and the society in which we live, with regards to gender equality and the increase of females in what used to be a more predominately male environment. Single incomes for couples or families are no longer the norm. In turn, this has led to an increase of females in the IT workforce. There has also been a shift in traditional family roles, where working parents now share the responsibility when it comes to their family. You can be an excellent employee and parent at the same time regardless of gender. I also think this has led to a change in many organisations with understanding the need for work-life balance and a change in traditional ways of working. In turn, this makes for a more engaged workforce. This has had a direct impact, with more opportunities for females being in management positions as well as the more traditional male-dominated roles.

What do you think are three things you love about Plaut?

  1. The variety of projects and clients.
  2. The experience, knowledge and support of the consultants and management team.
  3. The work-life balance – while I have had to travel a lot over the past 18 months, I also have the ability to work remotely, which allows me to spend time at home and with my family.

Where are you planning to go on your next holiday?

We are heading over to the UK to visit my husband’s family. We have a few days in Hong Kong on the way over to go exploring and then a few days in Singapore on the way back for a bit of R&R. It has been seven years since we last went to the UK, so there will be lots of catching up with family and friends. My youngest will also be meeting her aunts for the first time, while we’ll all be meeting the nephews and cousins that have been born since we last visited.

If you think a career at Plaut is for you, check out our job openings and get in touch!

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