User Experience

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Solution Starting With The End User In Mind

Plaut has developed dedicated user empowerment practices that  focus primarily on the people using SAP, making SAP easier for them to use.

We know that many SAP customers struggle to get the maximum benefit from their investment in SAP and one of the key hurdles is adoption of the system. That is why we believe that through understanding how people want to use SAP and by choosing the right tools to help organisations achieve:

  • Improved user satisfaction
  • Increased user productivity
  • Higher rates of system adoption
  • Improved data quality
  • Faster on-boarding and less need for user training
  • Simplified support

The SAP GUI User Interface is arguably still the main technology used by most people working with SAP. However it looks dated, can be difficult and non-intuitive to use and requires significant training to become proficient. It is also not at all suited to a mobile workforce. While high frequency professional SAP users become comfortable with the SAP GUI over time, for most users it is just too confusing and complex and therefore people try to avoid using it if they can. This has unfortunate consequences for any organisation, resulting in poor data quality, low user satisfaction and productivity and high training and support costs.

At Plaut our dedicated user empowerment practice keeps up to date with all the SAP User Interface technologies, strategies and user experience guidelines. At the same time we look outside of SAP to find innovative ways to apply consumer standards and design principles to the enterprise software world. People are becoming more and more accustomed to the level of user experience that they experience when using the internet in their personal lives. Bringing the right mix of these principles and technologies to bear on enterprise data is the key to satisfying user expectations and delivering value from your enterprise systems. The proliferation of mobile devices in the consumer world is just one example.

We believe that understanding user needs is critical to the success of any project. Close and continuous interaction with real people will ensure user adoption and championing of the SAP system and ultimately lead to a far higher return on investment. We realise that not all users are created equal and not all situations or locations allow users the same level of interaction with the system. “Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes” is one of the key design guidelines we use to ensure that we not go off track and lose touch with what will really benefit the user. By applying an agile approach to delivery and design thinking concepts to our workshop sessions and end user engagement we place the user at the core of our approach.

While the User Interface is important it should never be seen in isolation.  Other facets of SAP can also impede or improve the overall user experience of the system (such as process clarity, data quality, training, change management and help guides). It is important to include functional expertise in any engagement to ensure that processes are intuitive, accurate and still meet all the functional business requirements. It is the combination of deep functional knowledge and a pragmatic approach to the overall user experience that we believe sets us apart and makes Plaut the right choice.

SAP recognises this problem of user adoption and provides a myriad of tools to address it. But which tool is right for your organisation? Believe us, “there is no silver bullet” – you need to choose the right tool for your individual situation.