Manufacturing Intelligence

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The Foundation On Which Manufacturing Excellence Rests

Manufacturers have several imperatives to remain competitive:

  • Improve equipment efficiency
  • Reduce costs of manufacture
  • Produce first time high quality products
  • Synchronise plant-floor data with ERP master data
  • Provide scheduling flexibility, finished goods updates and BOM changes to the plant
  • Report timely and accurate information (such as KPIs)
  • Continuously improve production processes
  • Monitor processes in real-time to ensure timely containment of process aberrations
  • Alert relevant personnel of important deviations to standard

Capturing, displaying and contextualising this information is an art form. Yet making highly informed business decisions in as near to real-time as possible, is needed to allow rapid response to market forces.

Plaut has created the Plaut Manufacturing Appliance (PMA) to provide a solution that is pre-configured, rapid to deploy and integrates fully with SAP using SAP MII.

PMA is a best best-of-breed solution to create successful, high-return results.

If you are a manufacturer and wish to start the journey toward Manufacturing Excellence, Plaut is here to ensure success by:

  • Assisting with Strategic Roadmaps, geared to improving utilisation of your existing SAP footprint
  • Guiding and leading manufacturers along a consultative and well-defined improvement path, with tangible returns along  the way through proof-of-concept and pilot projects
  • Providing access to Plaut’s industry thought leaders, ensuring continued levels of success
  • Offering ongoing relationship and service support to further capitalise on the investments

Plaut is the pre-eminent Manufacturing Intelligence provider in the region.