Financials & Compliance

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Built On SAP Solutions, On Cloud And On Premise

  • Do your KPIs monitor performance against strategic goals for both lead and lag indicators?
  • Are you able to forecast cash flow?
  • Do you manage accounts payable well?
  • Is your budgeting and planning process well-structured and generally understood/adopted?

At Plaut we help you to achieve financial excellence and compliant financial processes powered by SAP. We take a holistic approach because we know first-hand that your people are key to your financial success.

Plaut has a range of offerings and solutions to enable organisations to deal with:

  • Strategic alignment of business and finance function
  • Improving efficiency of your financial processes
  • Realise mergers and acquisitions
  • Achieve compliance for SoD and OH&S
  • Deliver financial consolidation
  • ERP & Corporate Services - Financial Consolidation

    With Plaut’s Financial Consolidation solution, we can ensure that accurate financial information is delivered to you in a  unified and timely manner. Through integrating key systems, month end closes faster, using fewer resources.

    We are the leader in implementing SAP consolidation solutions in Australia and take time to understand your business in order to offer you the consolidation solution which best fits your needs. Through our relationship with SAP, we keep ourselves and our clients up to date with developments in this rapidly changing area.

  • ERP & Corporate Services - Governance, Risk and Compliance

    The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners report states that a typical organisation loses 5% of its revenue to fraud each year.

    Managing Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is the essence of sound business practice.
    The underlying principle of GRC is that a company has a duty to deploy its assets in a way that furthers its business goals and objectives.

    GRC is an umbrella term that can describe a variety of activities within an organisation, from the composition of a board of directors, to the establishment of internal financial controls.
    Plaut has a depth of experience in streamlining compliace processes and ensuring clients have immediate visibility to their risk and improve overall performance.

    Read how Plaut worked with Australia’ s Department of Immigration and Citizenship to roll out one of the first GRC deployments in Australia.

    One of the most successful ways to manage Governance, Risk and Compliance is through Effective Management of the security of your systems.

    Download Certified Fraud Examiners Report
  • ERP & Corporate Services - Merger & Acquisition Service

    SAP system integration projects triggered by M&A activities are typically very challenging. There are competing interests of stakeholders, usually insufficient information and tight timeframes. There is inevitably, a significant level of risk.

    Plaut works with its clients to align the solution architecture with the business strategy in the least amount of time. Taking care to gain buy-in from key stakeholders, we can help to control project outcomes and risks.

    Plaut has lead many successful SAP integration projects, rollouts, system mergers and de-mergers. We can work with you through the whole process from strategic assessment to system implementation.

  • ERP & Corporate Services - Architecture Roadmap

    Perhaps surprisingly, the service which most often puts our clients a leap ahead is not software or even system integration: it’s the ability to achieve thought leadership.

    In every industry there are just a few people and firms who set the agenda. The industry talks about what they are talking about. Expectations follow their predictions. Their pronouncements are given serious regard, even by their most determined competitors.

    Thought leadership is not for everybody. It’s for the visionary who is driven by an ambition to change how the world works. Thought leadership may come naturally to a few, but it is something that can be worked at and built. The SAP landscape is fast growing more and more complex. To help you keep up and to plan ahead, Plaut can provide you with a roadmap. This is based on a sweep of the future and gives you a strategic direction for the next two years.

  • ERP & Corporate Services - Performance Support/Training

    Key to the successful introduction of new IT and management systems – or changes to existing systems, is managing the ability of users to adapt to the changes. Too many times, clients focus only on the post-installation training, but preparation needs to start long before users first see the new product.

    Plaut works with you to create a comprehensive communication plan, managing change and expectations across your user groups. We then build a comprehensive training plan including one on one, group training, e-learning and other techniques. We actively evaluate the effectiveness of our training programs and modify as required.

    Furthermore, Plaut provides the appropriate documentation in easy to use formats that are designed to meet each individual client’s unique needs. Plaut also can provide Help Desk and other direct support channels.

    Download Sustainability Reporting using SAP BI