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Want Your Data To Have Meaning?

A reliable system for sorting masses of information, ensuring its integrity, classifying it to extract meaning and making the results quickly accessible in a way that supports real-world decision making.

Structured, Semi-structured, Unstructured

Knowledge in a company is typically stored at three levels of order:

  1. Structured data is ordered and searchable, for example in databases (data stored in SAP is primarily structured).
  2. Semistructured data is held in content and document management systems.
  3. Unstrucutured data includes word documents, web, email, multimedia and telephone conversations.

We use systems that can tap into all three levels of data structure. We can develop processes to ‘crawl’ your company’s data. For example, we may take a customer reference in SAP and automatically cross reference to any email or word document relating to that customer. These systems use special logic, are highly intelligent and can learn.

We can help you to search and retrieve information across your whole company according to your specifications