Customer Engagement

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Customer Engagement

Business Problem

You have disparate solutions housing customer data, all over the organisation.
There is the Marketing Database, the e-marketing tool and database, the sales team have their client information in another place, accounts has yet another detailed database and your leaders are asking for a “holistic, cloud-based marketing and sales management tool”!

Plauts Transformative Solution

Plaut has a specialist team deploying SAP CRM to customers across Asia Pacific. We can provide onshore, near shore and off-shore support. On-premise or in the cloud.

Specific Services

  • Solution Architecture, Build, Test, Cutover
  • Installation, Project Management, Acceptance Testing
  • Ongoing support, enhancement and future planning

Plaut has two subsidiaries with specific skills in CRM and Social Media:

BaselinerPlaut’s subsidiary in Australia and offshore delivery in Malaysia specialises in CRM and integration to your SAP platform. Baseliner focusses solely on SAP’s Hybris Cloud for Customer and SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform.

EchoJunctionPlaut’s subsidiary in Australia specialises in the social media landscape. Carving out a very specific advisory niche, our EchoJunction team can help marketing and sales support teams define their data needs and identify the right solution for them.

The Plaut ‘Wand’

The wand has always represented Plaut’s ability to orchestrate a solution. We work with the moving parts, and create a melody, optimising the role of each player to create SAP Symphony.

Yet the conductor has another role –searching always for a new solution, new music, new compositions. It is a global drive to precision and beauty.

In the world of Customer Engagement – this is about us scanning the world for the best solutions, platforms and people to create the answer to your business needs.

Our Customers

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