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CashTracker is the optimal solution for both business and government organisations facing a set of common risks:

  • ERP Systems are optimised to operate as transactional processing engines
  • Many systems are relying on traditional audit checks to manage risk
  • Businesses are exposed to significant data and process compliance risk, such as duplicate invoices, non-complaint accounting practices

The CashTracker Enterprise Financial Compliance software solution has been developed through the joint efforts of Plaut IT Australia and Selera.

Plaut IT Australia is the exclusive provider of CashTracker Enterprise Compliance software solutions. The CashTracker solution is built on the DataIgnition application framework developed by Selera.

Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

Become an adaptive manufacturer, profitably replenishing your supply network while responding to change dynamically with SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence software. Link manufacturing processes with business operations to enable collaborative manufacturing and get the visibility you need to run your business in real time.

Product features:

  • Connect the shop floor with your ERP system for real-time data
  • Minimise initial costs, complexity, and TCO with prebuilt, standards-compliant connectors
  • Boost the productivity of your shop-floor personnel by delivering useful, actionable information
  • Monitor, measure, and control process-improvement initiatives
  • Improve the use of assets and rationalization of poorly performing assets
  • Deliver rapid ROI by implementing in as few as 90 to 120 days


Plantnode is a real-time dedicated Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) ‘black box’ that connects to any machine or line, automating the collection of plant floor data thereby replacing the need for unreliable manually recorded production data. This accurate, timely and unbiased MachineTruth™ yields immediate actionable insights with typical ROI payback in just three to six months. Plantnode solutions form the foundation for continuous improvement by providing manufacturers with the tools to remove operational inefficiencies, drive growth and profitability, and increase competitive advantage.

Features and Benefits:

  • Automatic data collection and aggregation leading to accurate reporting
  • Inbuilt web-based reporting engine providing rapid time to deployment and easily customised dashboards
  • Machine-state messaging using multiline LED boards mounted above operational assets ensures the status of real-time machine operation can be broadcast
  • Use of barcode scanners to capture job and downtime details remove the need for manual log sheets while providing detailed data capture with minimal operator involvement

The Plaut Manufacturing Appliance uses Plantnode as its data collector, coupled with SAP MII to provide seamless integration to SAP.