About us

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Plaut IT Australia

Plaut IT Australia is one of the largest locally owned providers of on-premise and cloud SAP solutions in the ANZ region. It is the lighthouse partner for SAP’s cloud ERP, a software as a service solution based on SAP’s S4HANA digital core.

Plaut has a national team of more than 150 people delivering cloud and on-premise business solutions to organisations such as Air Services Australia, NSW and Federal Government Departments, BHP Billiton, BlueScope Steel, Johnson & Johnson, Metals and Mining Group, SCT Logistics, Village Roadshow, Toyota Motor Corporation Australia, Coca Cola Amatil, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Sanitarium, Primary Health Care. 

Our team includes nationally recognised functional, information management and business specialists, as well as, a number of fully qualified CPAs, engineering & operations and HR professionals with extensive experience. Our this capability enables our team to design and deploy the best possible end to end solutions for our customers.

Health & Safety 18001 PMS3282Plaut is ISO 9001 certified, ensuring we meet the standards of the ISO 9001 quality management system, enabling us to meet quality standards not only internally, but also to meet the requirement of our customers and regulators.


Baseliner equips an organisation’s marketing, sales and customer service teams with the SAP Cloud for Customer solution, which aligns these teams around its own customers to deliver a relevant experience at every step of a customer’s journey.

Since launching in Kuala Lumpur in 2012, Baseliner has successfully delivered fast, simple and competitive solutions underpinned by SAP Cloud for Customer to commercial and government clients across Asia. The launch in Australia is in response to a strong pipeline of business and the need to work with customers locally leveraging a hybrid onshore and offshore model.

Baseliner Australia is an SAP Value Added Reseller and Service Partner allowing it to sell SAP Cloud for Customer licenses and associated system integration services. The Australian Baseliner operation is led by David Prior based in Sydney.

The complementary skill sets of Baseliner and Plaut ensures that we can competitively deliver  SAP services, on-premise, on-cloud, onshore, near shore and offshore.


We are the social media arm of  Plaut. We work at the intersection of social media and enterprise IT. The worlds of the CMO and CIO are converging and we can help you with your marketing and social business technology requirements.

We don’t push “shiny new toys” and pieces of technology for the sake of it. We listen first and tailor enterprise social media software solutions to your business requirements. Business strategy first, technology as the facilitator and accelerator.

Where your social media platforms need to integrate and talk to your other IT systems we have the in-house expertise to seamlessly do this.

Rest easy in the knowledge that the tools you will be using are all enterprise quality, scalable and proven within the largest global businesses from Europe and the USA.

Social media strategic advice from a technology perspective, leading global enterprise tools; seamless implementation and integration to existing platforms. For more information visit Echojunction.


People1st is a privately owned recruitment consultancy, offering an open and tailored service to clients and candidates. With the company’s heritage firmly entrenched in SAP systems integration, People1st is uniquely placed to leverage years of knowledge and experience to make a difference. Established in April 2008 to assist Plaut IT Australia to grow its team of experienced staff organically (now well over 150 people), People1st operates from offices in NSW, Queensland, the ACT and Victoria, offering contract and permanent resourcing solutions to clients and an extensive business network .


CashTracker is a locally developed solution to meet Enterprise Financial Compliance challenges, enabling clients to track invoices and prevent duplication within Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as SAP.

The CashTracker Enterprise Financial Compliance software solution has been developed through the joint efforts of Plaut IT Australia and Selera. Plaut IT Australia is the exclusive provider of CashTracker Enterprise Compliance software solutions.